For over 10 years now Digital Wordcrafts materials have been at the forefront of developing and introducing environmentally beneficial products for the Sign & Display industry.

What we are currently seeing though is a real focus again on the environment with the use of plastics again coming to the fore mainly attributed to the Richard Attenborough TV documentary Blue Planet. The program showed harrowing scenes of ocean life being caught up in plastic waste that has been dumped into the seas. This has created a new worldwide
impetuous to look at our use of plastics and how we must change our attitudes to recycling and reusing as much product as possible for the good of the environment.

The time has now come again for our industry to look at our waste streams and at Wordcrafts we are again at the forefront of this initiative by presenting the market with real alternative
products that make a difference. Within this Envirobox we will share the fantastic ranges we have available for you to present to your clients to show you are taking the most environmentally responsible approach to print and fabrication substrates.



All of our stock papers are 100% recycled. Our special papers are made from between 20% and 60% recycled content and are sourced from FSC certified mills. We have a wide range of ECO friendly products available even at large format.


One or a million? Ok… maybe not a million but our equipment is capable of one print or thousands, so that’s exactly what we offer.


We’re a friendly bunch so give us a shout if you need anything. We like sorting things out, so if you’re in a print based quandary, we’re always available to help online or over the phone.


All our deliveries are super speedy, reliable and we use a courier who is committed to making every parcel delivered carbon neutral.